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    Whether you are a first-time exerciser or simply need to break out of a desk-bound lifestyle, Fitness Within offers a safe, effective form of exercise for all ages and fitness levels.

    We focus on the body as a whole, and work with people as individuals.

    Give yourself an energy boost!

  • Instructor


    Originally from Estonia and successfully graduated University of Tartu, Tourism Management faculty. All her lifetime she has been into fitness and travelling and she founded the best way to connect these two fields in Cyprus. Kertu discovered PILATES method during her work in Cyprus as an Entertainment Team manager. PILATES gave her strenght and motivation so she became fully committed to a regular practice after that very first time on the mat. Today she is a STOTT PILATES® trained instructor at Fitness Within and she loves the fact that the adaptability of PILATES allows her to tailor a program to every client's specific needs.

    Side-by-side with PILATES she is challenging herself mentally, as well as physically, by learning and practicing the Martial Arts (Ninjutsu).

    "The only journey is the one within."

    Contact me: kertu@fitnesswithin.eu

  • Schedule

    Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
    08:00 Personal   08:15 bodyPOWER (group) Personal
    09:00 Pilates (group)      
    15:30   Ninjutsu 3-6y   Ninjutsu 3-6y
    16:30 Personal Ninjutsu 7-11y Ninjutsu 3-6y Personal / Ninjutsu 7-11y Ninjutsu 3-6y
    17:30 Personal   Ninjutsu 7-11y Personal Ninjutsu 7-11y
    18:30 Pilates (group) Personal Ninjutsu 12+ Abs, Thighs & Butt (group) Ninjutsu 12+
    19:30 Personal Ninjutsu (adults) Ninjutsu (adults) Ninjutsu (adults) Ninjutsu (adults)

    Martial Arts & Fitness Studio - Spyrou Kyprianou 11, Limassol (side entrance, 1st Floor)

  • Our Prices

    Regular Pricing for group sessions:
    4 Class Package €30
    One Month (2x per week) €40

    Private and Semi-Private Sessions (prices per person):
    One Session: Private €20 / Semi-Private €15
    8 Session Package: Private €150 / Semi-Private €110
    20 Session Package: Private €360 / Semi-Private €260

    Private and Semi-Private sessions are designed according to your fitness level and posture. If you are interested in Private or Semi-Private Sessions, please contact info@fitnesswithin.eu

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    Fitness Within ...

    ... a place where the body is a whole and people are individuals.

    Freedom is from within.

  • News

    • As from 1st of January 2017 Fitness Within will continue as a Personal Training Studio

      Due to higher requests for Private and Semi-Private sessions, Fitness Within will continue as a Personal Training studio to put maximum effort in our work. Therefore we will continue with our Advanced Pilates group class every Monday & Thursday at 18:30.

      Additional information: info@fitnesswithin.eu

      _______________________________________________________ 02.12.2016 ______

    • Fitness Within: Fitness, Fat-Burn & Pilates

      Give us a call or send an e-mail and together we will create the perfect workout (and a fat burn!!!) plan for you and of course according to your body.


      Give yourself an energy boost!

      _______________________________________________________ 20.05.2016 ______

    • New prices for Private & Semi-Private Sessions

      We care about your health and training habits and decided to lower the prices for Private & Semi-Private Sessions! Please click here to see new pricelist >>

      Helping you to achive your goals!

      _______________________________________________________ 18.09.2014 ______

    • Pilates @ Parekklisia: New Season 2014/2015 Schedule

      Pilates Classes will be at the following times: Monday & Thursday evenings at 7pm

      Prices: One month (twice a week) 50€ / One month (once a week) 30€

      Give yourself an energy boost!

      _______________________________________________________ 10.10.2014 ______

    • Pilates @ Parekklisia: Schedule 2013/2014

      Pilates Classes will be at the following times: Monday & Thursday mornings 10am / Monday & Wednesday evenings 7pm

      Prices: One month (twice a week) 50€ / One month (once a week) 30€

      Give yourself an energy boost!

      _______________________________________________________ 02.10.2013 ______

    • NEW! Pilates classes @ Parekklisia!

      Pilates fun and effective training now @ Parekklisia, Stella Chrysostomou Dance School. Join our free welcome class & bring your friends!

      Healthy new Pilates season!

      _______________________________________________________ 02.10.2013 ______

    • Fitness Within is now teaching STOTT PILATES® Method!

      STOTT PILATES® incorporates modern exercise principles, and applies proven and accepted practices in biomechanics, rehabilitation and athletic performance enhancement. STOTT PILATES exercises are designed to restore the natural curves of the spine and rebalance the muscles around the joints.

      _______________________________________________________ 05.05.2012 ______

    • Dear Friends,

      Spring is in air and it's time to look for an exciting new workout. Why not to try Fitness Within Pilates Spring routine and give yourself an energy boost. Good exercise is key for a healthy lifestyle.

      Joyful Spring Time!

      _______________________________________________________ 06.04.2012 ______

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